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We have been breeding, riding, showing and racing purebred Arabian horses since 1889. Naturally, we have a lot of experience in horse nutrition. We aim to supply our livestock with only high quality fodder. Our stud cultivates different agricultural crops that are necessary for our horses. However, we have enough forage for sale as well as for ourselves. We offer barley, oats, wheat, sunflower, press cake, protein meals, straw and legume-grass hay.

We encourage our customers to develop mutually rewarding relationships

Tours and horse presentations

service6For many years Tersk Stud has been organizing show presentations of its horses as well as presentations of the best sires.The Stud has great experience working with different travel agencies that will make all travel and accommodation arrangements for you.  


Boarding for horses

boxWe invite sport, race and leisure horse owners for boarding. There is a dressage arena and a race ring at Tersk. The Stud organizes hacks to the Zmeika mountain and in the fields. We also invite mares in foal and mares with suckling foals for treatment and nursery.


Breeding of private owner’s mares with Tersk Stud’ stallions

arendaTersk Stud is the biggest purebred arabian horse breeder in Russia. The best riding and show class sires will be at service of the most fastidious private owners.


Transportation of horses, custom documentation

horsetransportThe Tersk Stud offers to help horse owners in arranging all necessary veterinary and customs documentation for import and export of horses.


Breeding services

breedRectal examination of broodmares for being in foal and for reproducibility (ovaries and dam’s conditions/state). Feeding program recommendations (supplementary and premixed feed). Breeding recommendations for mares (sires from CIA and around the world), breeding background analysis, and information on grandsires achievements.


Sires for lease

Many young as well as mature sires of Tersk would love to visit your stud farm with comfortable housing that meets up-to-date international breeding requirements (mandatory insurance of sires, comfortable housing conditions, safe open-air run, per RASB and RAHBA recommendations). 


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